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Learn About Home and Office Led Lighting Essentials

Welcome to LED Lighting Academy


Led Lighting Academy™ is a free educational website offering hands-on led light information to led lighting users and beyond - students, engineers, educators, media, students. The tutorials evaluate the advantages and limitations of led lighting applications with focus on light quality impact on our wellbeing at home or in the office, advise on best choice considerations and suggest ways to maximize results.

The information is compiled from specifications and independent test laboratories as well as crowdsourcing. Average readings are used when practical rather than citing research papers, as lab results are often not repeatable in real life. This differs from scientific papers published by academia and research laboratories for scientists.

Led Lighting Academy™ is sponsored by Metrolight Inc. a technology provider specializing in the design and manufacture of advanced led lighting solutions.r own text and edit me. It's easy.


Metrolight Inc. the sponsor of this site is a subsidiary of Metrolight Ltd., an R & D oriented company, operating for many years, focused on high power indoor and outdoor lighting applications with roots in Netanya, Israel. We "make our living" from innovative solutions for industry well recognized lighting issues that remained unresolved for years. We think that there is a significant shortage of good quality, easily accessible LED lighting information about light quality and its related risks and benefits. LED LIGHTING ACADEMY objective is to fill that shortage, with UNBIASED description of its content. 

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