Calculate room led lighting

Room Ceiling Lamp Led Lighting Requirements

If you listen to the professionals, lighting your living and working spaces can help you be more productive,

Many customers who search for a ceiling light, start the study by raising questions such as:

  • how many led lights do I need to light a room?

  • how many lumens do I need for living room?

  • how many led down lights do I need per room?

  • how to calculate how many lights are needed in a bedroom?

  • What amount of lumens required per sq ft for showroom?


Trying to respond to these questions, some lighting vendors have come up with LED light calculators that looks like this:

Select Room type: Bedroom, Drawin room, Kitchen,.... 
Measurement Unit: Feet, Inches, Meters
Illumination Intensity: Low, Medium, High
Wall Color: Light, Dark
Light Placement: Center, Corners


If you want to use such a calculator, get yourself ready with the data to fill out these "parameters". You may be tempted to think that this calculator is a useful tool that will provide you with the information you need for your planned lighting "acquisitions".


We think that there are many led lighting related issues that should be dealt with before you proceed to to use such calculators! Here are some highlights of these issues:

  • Do you want to obtain a light source powerful enough to induce hormone secretion and provide you with the light spectrum that could support your Circadian Rhythm?

  • Do you want to have a Blue Free warm white which is important for evening hours of relaxation and Melatonin hormone secretion?

  • Do you want the option to create ambiance by dimming, color effects, scenes, and music visualization?

  • There are many that would testify that green color does wonders to alleviate migraine,
    headaches and various other pains and there are research works that “point to that direction” experimenting so far with mice using color of wave length of 525 nm (see article “For pain, Green Light Means Stop” by Stephani Sutherland on 6 Mar 2017).

Click here to learn more about these qualities and their impact on your willbeing.


In this website you will find some more information about these issues. Maybe, once you will feel comfortable with what you know about ceiling lighting there would be no need for a calculator to figure out what your ceiling light should be producing. Click here, if you "insist" to review such a calculator option. 

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